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Sue's Car Care Tips


Is It Bad to Drive with Low Gas?

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Low Gas in Newfield, NJ

Do you let your Car run low on Gas?

I was having a conversation with Anne about “Car Tips” and she reminisced about the one thing her father told her when she purchased her first car was to “never let your car run low on fuel and never, ever let it run out of gas.” This was good advice as Gasoline acts as a cooling mechanism f...

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Watch for These 4 Signs of a Worn Suspension

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Suspension Service in Newfield, NJ

Your Vehicle’s Suspension -- More than Ride Comfort

Worn suspension components reduce vehicle stability and the driver control. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a vehicle is it suspension. As your vehicle ages all of its moving parts gradually wear. These changes can be hard to notice for someon...

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Car for a Road Trip

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Road Trip Car Prep in Newfield, NJ

Heading Out for a Road Trip Soon?

Here’s a few things you should check to make sure the only problem you’ll have is what music to listen to!

Check the Tires and Spare

Proper air pressure will ensure you get the best gas mileage possible and prevent any. . .

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Why Are Oil Changes So Important?

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Oil Change in Newfield, NJ

Regular oil changes are necessary to ensure the proper performance of a car’s engine. An oil change, which involves installing a new engine oil filter and draining old engine oil and replacing it with fresh, clean oil, offers many benefits. . .

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Visit Our 2 Sister Locations

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Did you know that Highway Tire & Auto Service has two sister locations? You can visit Medford Tire & Auto Service in Southampton or Tire Emporium & Auto Service in Newfield for regular maintenance, automotive repair services, and. . .

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See What You Can Do Online with Highway Tire & Auto Service!

Welcome to the official website for Highway Tire & Auto Service. We're your complete tire and automotive service center with locations serving Mount Holly, NJ, Southampton, NJ, Newfield, NJ, and surrounding areas. If you're ready to shop for tires, let's get you started. We give you the ability to compare passenger tires online, anytime and anywhere you have Internet access and a compatible device. Our online tire catalog includes. . .

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