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Is Excess Carbon Buildup Harming Your Engine?

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Excess Carbon Buildup in Mount Holly, NJ


Excess Carbon Buildup in Newfield, NJ

Many car manufacturers are now using Gas Direct Injection engines or GDI in most of their vehicles. The benefits of Direct Injection engines are increased fuel efficiency without compromising performance and cleaner tailpipe emissions. These engines spray fuel directly into the combustion chamber instead of over the intake valves and mixing with air. Over time, carbon can build up rapidly on the intake valves since gasoline no longer washes them off. This carbon can cause issues over time.

Common Problems of Carbon Build-Up

  • Hard Starts
  • Rough Idle
  • Emissions
  • Decreased Fuel Economy
  • Hesitation
  • Power Loss

An upper intake cleaning and throttle body cleaning is now recommended as a part of the scheduled maintenance. These services remove the carbon deposits and when performed routinely, can prevent carbon problems in your vehicle. Currently this service is recommended every 10,000 miles. If your car is having any of these problems, bring it in to your repair shop so they can properly diagnose it. They can also tell you what routine maintenance should be performed to keep your car running smoothly.

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