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Do I Really Need to Get My New Vehicle Serviced At the Dealership?

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When purchasing a new vehicle, sometimes a dealership may imply that the vehicle needs to be serviced at their location to keep the Manufacturer’s Warranty in effect.

Under Federal law, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975, title 15, chapter 50, section 2301-2312, it prohibits a new car dealer to deny warranty service or imply that warranty service will be voided if routine service or repairs are not performed at the dealership. Your owner’s manual also says this.

If you choose to take your vehicle to an independent auto repair facility here are some tips to ensure your warranty does not become voided:

  • Be sure the shop uses the proper fluid for your exact vehicle. The carmakers do a lot of research on which fluids to use for maximum performance and longevity.
  • Keep all receipts- If you ever need to file a warranty claim, they will want proof that all services were done at the proper intervals.
  • Don’t modify the suspension. This can result is steering, suspension, and drivetrain problems. If these modifications caused failures, your claim will be denied. The same can go for certain aftermarket wheels and tires.
  • Certain performance modifications can void the warranty because they could damage the engine and/or its components.

In conclusion, a reputable repair shop that you trust is able to service your new vehicle. Keep your records, get maintenance done on time, and don’t modify your vehicle while it’s under warranty.

Thanks Amanda for Helping with this Tip!

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