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What Is a Cabin Air Filter?

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Cabin Air Filter in Mount Holly, NJ


Cabin Air Filter in Newfield, NJ

Most vehicles since about the year 2000 are equipped with a Cabin Air Filter. Its purpose is to keep dust, mold spores, and pollen from getting in to the passenger compartment. It can also catch leaves and other debris. If you have allergy problems, it would be beneficial to replace it. Some signs that the filter is dirty are bad odors or reduced airflow when the fan is on. When the filter is dirty, it can cause the ventilation system to work harder due to the restricted air flow.

Cabin Air Filters are usually located behind the glove box. Some are under the hood; they can be tricky to get to. There are usually clips and the entire glove box needs to be removed in order to pull out the filter. As always, check your manual on when to replace the filter on your specific vehicle. A good rule of thumb is once a year depending on where you drive.

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