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Checking Your Tires

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Tire Pressure in Mount Holly, NJ


Tire Pressure in Newfield, NJ

Did you know that tires with incorrect air pressure can cause premature wear and decreased gas mileage? This will ultimately cost you money and put you in danger. New tires can save you money at the gas pump. A set of worn tires will cause a vehicle to burn approximately 4% more fuel than a new set of tires. This means a vehicle that averages 20 miles per gallon and drives 12,000 miles a year will save approximately $60 a year.

Also, when a tire is new it only takes 195 feet to come to a complete stop from 70mph in wet weather. When a tire is half worn this distance increases to 290 feet and a bald tire nearly doubles, taking 379 feet. Although tires with less tread are better on a completely dry road, let’s face it we live in the Northeast. Often snow, ice, rain, and sleet are a part of our daily commute. Remember to have your tires checked as a part of your routine maintenance schedule.

Thanks Joe for helping with this tip!

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